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Fused Glass Classes

Want to find or explore your creative spirit? I have a series of Fused Glass Workshops available for you and your group. The great part is that I come to YOU and provide everything necessary to complete the project that you choose. Make your own fused glass art!

Fused Glass 101: Suncatchers

This is really about color and the basics of glass, not a lot of rules and always a great end product. I bring materials for 2 projects, fire your groups work and return the items 7-10 business days later. Price per person $45

Fused Glass: Jewelry Making

We complete two sets of earrings and pendants. This one entails a little more design and composition, It is nice to wear your own creations and glass is so user/wearer friendly. Price per person $75


Fused Glass: Bowl/Plate Classs

I encourage taking one of the smaller classes before this one so you understand what the glass does in the kiln. The finished product is food-safe and I hope you will eat from your creation! Price per person $150

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