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Tuning Fork Relaxation Sessions (30 Minutes)

Available for corporate events, private gatherings, and groups.

Michele Gould, your facilitator, uses the ancient Solfeggio scale in her sound/vibration sessions. This healing modality promotes better sleep/better mood/facilitates relaxation/reduces stress and encourages the body's natural energy flow. Book an appointment today, your mind/body and spirit will thank you!

Nova:Spirit-Guided Painting Info

Butterfly Sp Guided painting.jpg

Are you looking for an unusual/interesting event for your friends/patrons ?

Want to add some "WOW" to that next dinner party, retreat or conference?

Looking to start a party trend?


Nova, the Spirit-Guided Painter, will come to your event and paint,  live- at your locale. 

Her Spirit-guided painting combines a healing/helpful spirit message with the beautiful colors that you carry with you. It is completely spontaneous, color-filled, kinetic and full of life and love! 


You may choose from either a 12"x16" gallery wrapped canvas (no frame necessary) or a 10"x10" square of roll canvas that you can frame later.

Book your date today!


For pricing, please use Contact me.

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