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Welcome to Purple Cloud Studio

​If you are looking for interesting, Artisan-crafted, custom Cremation Keepsakes, then you have come to the right place. I have been creating for 20+ years and together, we will create something special just for you and your family. My products range from touchstones, keepsake jewelry, cremation sun catchers, paperweights and 3-D sculpture. Both human and pet memorials are available.


Every piece is initialed by me upon completion and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Let's get started on creating something beautiful together.


With 25+ years of experience as a Jeweler, a Fine Jewelry background, and a Marine Biology Degree,

I find myself representing that space where science and art meet. I use materials that are high-tech in

nature ,but have simple mechanics.

It is the blending part that fascinates me as an Artist, and the

chemical and physical properties of my materials that excite me as a Scientist.

My work has evolved over the years from strictly jewelry to mixed-media wall art, tableware, bowls,

and home accents.


Working with highly saturated colors of glass is not only inspirational, but believed

by some, to be therapeutic for your brain- keeping a balance of health and well-being. I find that

balance is the key to a happy life.


All of my pieces are one-of-a-kind and signed by me. I wake up with a color or a design in my mind

and am ready to start my day and see that vision come to fruition. The results are multi-layered and

multi-process with many twists and turns in between!


Sometimes, the pieces have minds of their own

and mysteriously determine their own fate. It is up to me to listen. Working with Art Glass is a lesson in

patience, but every day comes with new discovery of my materials and capabilities. I love what I do and

want to keep doing it!


I have been represented by numerous galleries and museums throughout the US and Caribbean. I

look forward to what comes next every day!

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