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Why Cremation Jewelry

Modern day cremation keepsakes are not a new idea, mourning jewelry has been around in one form or another for nearly 2,000 years. Mourning jewelry made from the deceased persons hair was common around the civil war era and ranged from braided, woven necklaces to a simple snippet of hair in a locket.


In Victorian times, dark, somber material was normally used, such as Jet and Onyx, but today it takes many forms in many materials. My pieces are Artisan crafted, fused glass and Fine Silver on a Sterling Silver chain. Coming from the fine jewelry industry, when you purchase my work, you get cremation jewelry that is ready to wear. Each cremation pendant from Purple Cloud Studio is considered custom jewelry because the cremains are sealed into the glass permanently.


I have been creating memorials for families for over 17 years and really enjoy working with people first hand. You will always get me at the end of an e-mail or phone call. I pride myself on giving my families that personal attention they deserve.

Cremation Jewelry Gallery

Why Cremation Jewlery? Why not? It is a personal item that you keep close to your heart and is a gentle reminder of the family you love. Family is everything. Let's create your keepsake today. I understand you may not be ready to do it today, but bookmark my site and let's do it when you are ready. Grief is a funny thing and different for everyone, so give yourself that time to heal. I have been there, I get it.

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