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Paranormal Pet Podcast

Ha! Say that 3x fast!! Being a podcast guest is becoming a regular thing for me. I get to talk about my work in the comfort of my own studio. What is better than THAT?

This podcast is the brainchild of Dr. Brandy Stark (distant relation to Iron Man, I wonder?). She conducts ghost walks in St. Petersburg, Fl and is a wire Artist who creates a whole lot of cool mermaids. We met a couple of years ago while working on an art show in Tampa. When she heard that the mainstay of my business was creating custom memorials incorporating human or pet ashes-she was intrigued. She knew I probably had some good/weird stories!! Oddly, I ended up having a good/weird story as a result of creating some memorials for HER. The photo has three pet memorial touchstones that contain the cremains of 2 of her pet Pugs and one of her mother’s Pug. Go listen to the podcast to hear what happened while I was creating these memorials!


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