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Marc's Dragonfly - Purple Cloud Studio

For 12+ years, I have been creating cremation memorial keepsakes for families, both human and furry. I love coming up with new products every so often. I understand that jewelry, although beautiful, is not for everyone. My own father passed a couple of years ago, and just recently I made keepsakes for my own family. My brother is not a big jewelry guy, so I made him a beautiful, shimmery-winged dragonfly suncatcher/ornament that hangs as art with cremains in a heart shape on the body. The legend of the dragonfly is told that the small wings were created for angels to ride on their when you see a dragonfly, know you have been visited by your loved one. Jewelry, dragonflies, butterflies, family symbols... you pick, I will create it for you. It is what I do and I love the interesting work.


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